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First Class Business has now formulated its mid-term strategy for the period 2015 – 2017. Our strategy has been built upon our vision, mission and desired organizational state for 2017 and takes into consideration the significant and rapid changes economy, current facts and future market trends and barriers.

First Class Business retains its practice to provide active support to shareholders, executives, entrepreneurs, managers and employees and deliver considerable and sustainable impact on every business or project we get engaged. Further to that, our strategy direction focuses on the development of new services, the utilization of influential and proven-to-deliver-results methodologies and business tools, further develop brand awareness and recognition, retain our people and group of partners and motivate them to act in organization’s best interest, advance our competencies and sustain a healthy cash flow and increase turnover. Central to our mid-term strategy is to contribute on entrepreneurship development as the driver against economic downturns.

Balanced Scorecard has been developed to link our short-term activities with the targets set and to make certain that mid-term strategy will be accomplished and return desired results. Key Performance Indicators have been designed to monitor and manage our performance against strategy, objectives and predefined SMART targets.