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In today’s tenuous economy and financial distress, First Class Business provides debt management support to debt relief. Our offerings include debt restructuring, loan consolidation, debt settlement and analyses and forecasting functions.

First Class Business provides support to companies with outstanding obligations and under hardships, to reorganize present borrowing terms into more feasible and favorable debt agreements. Debt restructuring or debt rescheduling allows companies to repay old debts over an extended period of time, lower monthly installments and interest rate. Other than a more flexible repayment schedule, our clients benefit from reducing financial expenses, focusing on business development and value added activities, saving time dealing with financial institutions, creditors and vendors, retaining supply flow and rebuilding business credibility.

We also assist businesses on debt settlement, an approach to debt reduction where our consultants negotiate with creditors, for instance financial institutions and suppliers, to reduce dues and spread payments over an agreed term. During debt settlement, creditors are also benefited since they receive an immediate payment while the risk of not earning unsecured debts is minimized over the establishment of agreement between the parties.

First Class Business provides consolidation services, a process that unifies a corporate loan or a loan portfolio with small debts such as credit card obligations and overdrafts, into one loan. Although debt consolidation encompasses application fees, termination charges, stamp duties and transfer fees, businesses are significantly benefit from debt unification in terms of fitting repayments to present financial conditions, reduced interest rates, lower monthly payments, certainty of settlement and efficient financial management.  
A range of analytical functions are also provided for financial and debt management and include:

  • Loan portfolio analysis
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Debt Management Plan

Even when a business is found in an overwhelming situation or debt crisis, First Class Business initially examines alternative ways to debt relief other than debt restructuring, loan consolidation and debt settlement. Increase on turnover and profitability, collection of outdated credits, operational restructuring and reduction of expenses and drawings are among the activities our consultants primarily test towards financial turnaround.

First Class Business is committed to the highest standards of integrity, confidentiality and client service.