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“Success in business is 1% about the idea and 99% about the execution”

Business success requires much more than just a great idea. The First Class Business approach provides guidance and support that helps entrepreneurs to initially indicate whether a business idea or concept is the foundation for developing a successful business enterprise, transform the idea into a commercially viable new venture and sustain superior results and a leading market position.

We help entrepreneurs formulate their business idea, gain an insight to the entrepreneurial interests, skills, personal characteristics and weaknesses they possess and thoroughly investigate the concept’s market, sales and profit potential. We help on pre-start planning and preparation, secure the necessary capital from financial institutions and investors and we are actively involved on turning your business idea into a commercially operational enterprise. A competency based approach is employed to address the skills, abilities and knowledge required to succeed as entrepreneur and based on results, as well as the nature of the business and its objectives, we deliver the theoretical and practical training required to effectively and efficiently operate, manage and further develop the enterprise. We facilitate entrepreneurs to promote, establish and retain a culture of continuous improvement across the business and monitor competition to early anticipate their actions and act accordingly.