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The hospitality industry is very decisive when it comes to having strategic planning and innovation. An organization truly demands the right direction to be successful. Here at FCB, we have the experience and expertise to help chart a business-savvy course suited to today’s demands. We identify and track the evolution of the hospitality industry, having observed it first-hand in different parts of Europe, while being able to draw on the skills of consultants who have actively participated in governmental-level projects in a range of related industries, which, apart from hospitality, also include tourism.

The Middle East’s tourism sector in particular is facing a new challenge of the impact of political influences. The old status quo has shifted into a new era where earlier implemented tourism policies are no longer guaranteed to getting the desired results by government and stakeholders. At FCB, with the support of our diversified advisory committee, the political aspect is always considered in our consultancy projects. In fact, we believe our expert advisors drawn from religious, political, social, psychological, governmental, entrepreneurial and economic sectors are the particular advantage we hold over our competitors.