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The launch of a hotel must be memorable at all levels and FCB is among the region’s best-positioned consulting firms to make it happen. All stakeholders are important for us, being seriously considered in all processes and when it comes to communicating your brand philosophy and values.

You place tremendous value on customer care, while holding human resources, resource planning and quality of service and profitability to be fundamental… We make it possible for you to dominate in the competitive market.

The consultancy offering by FCB covers most critical pre-launch areas in the local region, including hospitality services, management, marketing, human resources, promotion, sales, hospitality staff training etc.

We communicate the message of your services to your customers in the one language, which is your brand. Some of our competitors might claim superiority in hospitality services, but when it comes to handling tourists’ limited knowledge about your region, as well as its social norms, FCB is already ahead of the curve, possessing the expertise to turn potential obstacles to your benefit.