Process Optimization
During a process optimization initiate, the methodology we follow uncovers the layers of process variation and defects that clients’ need to understand and control to eliminate the wasted time, effort and materials that add to business costs but don’t add value to customers. We facilitate businesses to identify the root causes of process variation and develop the plan for implementing and executing required changes or fine tunings to the process. Changes are tested and determine whether process outputs meet the improvement objectives. Committed to organizational excellence, we help verify whether further improvements are feasible. The benefits of our approach towards operational breakthrough are immense: lowered costs, reduced defects, rework, waste and cycle times, on-time deliveries, exceptional customer satisfaction and increased profitability.  

Performance Improvement
“A performance management programme, if it’s really well done, the company will actually overshoot on the cost-savings benefit as well as the value-adding benefit” – Robert Macmillan, Vice President of Planning and Performance

Based on solid business performance improvement skills and experience, and supported by proven-to-deliver-results problem-solving, improvement and performance management tools, methodologies and practices, we work closely with our clients against critical business shortcomings like process variation, defects production, customer dissatisfaction, poor employee productivity, lost sales, increased costs and long delivery times.

Project Management
All too often, projects are over budget, late, lack in functionality or ultimately are never delivered.  When partnering with First Class Business, a team of professionals who have been trained on the practices, processes and disciplines the Project Management Institute suggests, demonstrates the experience, education and competencies to successfully plan, execute and close-up any corporate-critical project.  Applying a set of disciplined project management methodologies, tools, skills and knowledge, we undertake and complete projects, nonetheless of their complexity, within the set time, intended quality, budget, resources and objectives to meet and exceed stakeholders’ and beneficiaries expectations.

Change Management
“Even when organizations do not wish to change they are forced to by commercial pressures, improvements on technology and modifications in customer behavior and views” – Richard Newton

When businesses call for transformation and change management, either due to competitive marketplace conditions, technology advancements, economic downturns, alterations in customer behavior and views, strategy shift, structure change, process changes or people changes, we help them to plan, develop, test and deploy real and sustainable organizational transformation with the minimal cost and business disruption and maximum return. We define the problem statement – a clear and concise description of the issues that have to be changed based on existing data and information, and aims to acknowledge the need for change for the customers’ and the business and can reasonably be expected to be improved.  We facilitate on developing sense of urgency across the organization, identify the change management team and create a sense of ownership, as the foundations to increase the likelihood of success in business change and transformation. Utilizing best practice change management principles, along with project management practices, we identify and remove possible sources of obstacles, produce more change and sustain long lasting results in an orderly, controlled and systematic fashion.