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First Class Business announces the change of its corporate logo and the total redesign of its webpage.

The new corporate logo provides a more distinctive corporate identity for the existing advisory services and offerings and organization’s current and future developments. Our new logo emphasizes the simplicity of solutions we provide towards business issues and the professionalism our organization is governed by. The gold color of ‘business’ refers to our commitment on developing profitable and winning businesses. The logo has been incorporated and printed to all corporate documents, including promotional materials, presentation formats and corporate stationery.

Our web site has been totally redesigned. The new web site provides simple navigation and continuous update in respect to new partnerships, projects and future developments while it complies with the new corporate identity. With the new features we have introduced, the visitor can easily communicate with the organization and the management and locate First Class Business to social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. New tabs, passages and images have been incorporated in an attempt to promote and highlight the contemporary and professional image of the organization.