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Our purpose is to help our clients turn their strategic business goals into reality, through successful consulting, training, coaching, technology & assessment assignments.

Our approach is best described as a partnership, where we seek clarity of your strategic business goals, the opportunities and challenges you face in achieving them, before working together the create the exact solution that meets and exceeds expectations.

Our Model

We shape attitudes, develop knowledge and skills and influence organizations in three key areas: Sales Excellence; Leadership and Management; and Individual Effectiveness. To guide you toward achieving goals, we offer research, training, consulting, coaching, e-learning and mobile learning. We also recommend ways to implement solutions that will put newly acquired competence into action. Employees gain the motivation, skills and tools to change their behavior effectively and increase competence. With our hands-on approach, results are measurable.

Our Passion

First Class Business ME trainers, coaches and consultants are passionate about guiding people and organizations to excel. Our success depends on your success. We invite you to discover how our experience and staff can give you the skills and tools to reach your highest level of excellence.